Africa Centre of Excellence in Phytomedicine Research and Development (ACEPRD) Medicinal Plant Repository is an e-infrastructure for storing information on medicinal plants found in Nigeria. The repository will provide equal access to scientific excellence and building capacity to support public health development in Africa by connecting, computing and biomedical software for phytomedicine data storage and information to pharmaceutical industries on lead compounds from microorganisms, fungi and plants.

The aim of this project is to create a web based medicinal plant repository using Nigerian data and to make the repository available to researchers at no cost.

The Repository consist of the following important information about the plants uploaded; identification & classification of the plant, habitat, description of the plant, used parts, chemical constituents and uses. Registered users will have permission to submit medicinal plant information for uploading to the database. See the FAQs on ACEPRD Medicinal Plant Repository. Please contact us at aceprd@unijos.edu.ng.