ACEPRD Facilities

ACEPRD Lab. is comprised of four (4) major sections:
i. Drosophilae melanogaster Lab. (Fly Lab)
ii. Microbial Lab
iii. Molecular Lab
iv. Biomedical Lab

Each of these sections is equipped with the state of the art automated and computerized equipment guaranteed for satisfactory, acceptable and accurate results.

ACEPRD Lab. is equipped with:
1. Beckman Coulter Genome Lab GeXP (Genetic Analysis System)
2. Beckman Coulter’s CESI 8000 Plus (High Performance Separation – ESI Module with OptiMS Technology)
3. Beckman Coulter - PA 800Plus (Pharmaceutical Analysis System)
4. SCION 456-GC (Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectrophotometer)
5. Analytkjena Elemental Analyzer (Multi EA 4000)
6. Jenway UV-Spectrophotometer
7. PCR (Thermal Cycler)
8. Beckman Coulter – Allegra X15 Cold Centrifuge
9. Milli-Q Lab Water System (Production of Distilled, Double Distilled and De-Ionized Waters)
10. Electrophoresis Equipment
11. Dissecting Microscope
12. Tritech Research Fluorescence Microscope, and many other cutting edge Research Equipment's.

• At the Centre’s Lab. both Plant and DNA extractions are carried out. Some of the Genomic studies carried out include: Finger printing, DNA Fragmentation, Sequencing and Separation, Paternity Testing, Annotations, Protein Extraction and Purification, etc.

• In vivo study of effects of various plant extracts and test drugs using Drosophila melanogaster models are also carried out using the well advanced Dissecting Microscope for drug administration and organ study.

• Protein (Amino acid) and Carbohydrates can be analyzed (extracted and identified structurally) at the Lab. using the CESI 8000PLUS which is a very high performance separation instrument that operates using capillary electrophoresis and it is coupled with a Mass Spectrophotometer for broader and excellent results.

• Microbial analyses are also carried out in the Lab, such as: Sterility testing (manufacturing of drug products by aseptic process and terminal sterilization), Microscopy, Culture and Sensitivity testing (MCS), and other microbial assays.

• Temperature sensitivity enzymes, extracts and amino acids can also be centrifuge and separated using the Cold Centrifuge which can centrifuge at temperatures as low as -100C (preventing denaturation and structural damage). Macro-Elements can be determined using the Multi EA 4000 Elemental Analyzer which guarantees the full automated determination of the extracts relevant parameters TC, TOC, TIC, EC and BOC in sediments and other inorganic solids.

• Distilled, Double Distilled and De-ionized Waters which are mainly the recommended types of waters to be used for laboratory works are also produced at the Centre’s Lab using the fully automated Milli-Q Lab Water System. These various types of waters are also available for purchase for research works at a very affordable price depending on the volume needed (250ml, 500ml and 1000ml/1litre).

• Other Biomedical test and analyses run at the Centre’s Lab include: Kidney Function Test (KFT), Liver Function Test (LFT), Lipid Profile Test (LFT), in vitro Antioxidant Assay (Total Flavonoids, Free Radicals Scavenging Assay, DPPH, ABTS, Nitric Oxide, etc.), in vivo Antioxidant Assays (Albino rats and Drosophila melanogaster models investigation), Anti-inflammation Assays (Myeloperoxidase, Alkaline Phosphatase, etc.), and many other Biomedical analyses.

These are just a few of the so many Experimental and Research analyses run at the ACEPRD Lab. which is opened to both undergraduates and post graduates research students including Senior Research Fellows and Senior Faculty Scientists who desire excellent and satisfactory results from their works. The cost for any analyses to be done is at a very affordable price and results will be available at the shortest possible time. Samples for analysis can also be sent to us through reputable Courier Services providers (for proper handling of samples) and the analyzed results sent back to you through the Courier Service provider.

Looking forward to your patronage and sample delivery.

For Further Enquires, Contact:

Name: Mrs. Tina Akinsanmi
Phone No.: 08032822672

Name: Emmanuel Arinze Umera
Phone No.: 08036451003

BECKMAN COULTER Allegra X-15R Centrifuge
CESI 8000 PLUS HIGH PERFORMANCE SEPERATION - ESI Module with Optims Technology
GENOMELAB GeXP Genetics Analysis System
Milli Q Water Purifer
SimpliAmp Thermal Cycler